Seminar and course on validation and verification of microbiological methods

NMKL is arranging a combined half-day seminar on validation and half-day practical course on verification of microbiological methods (NMKL Procedure 32 from 2017). The seminar/workshop will be held at the Finnish Food Safety Authority EVIRA on 21 November 2017. The language is Finnish (material partly in English), and participation fee is 200 euro.

To see the programme please click here.

If you wish to sign up for these two events or have questions in this regard please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Thursday 16 November.




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It is becoming more and more common to use molecular methods (DNA methods) for the detection and characterisation of various agents, such as PCR, pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) and whole-genome sequencing. What do these methods entail? What is detected by PCR and what is the reason for the focus on whole-genome sequencing? Are there any challenges with the application of this type of methodology? How are we going to use this methodology and technology in the future? The seminar will deal with the use of molecular methods from a practical point of view, focusing on foodborne bacteria in the context of both food control and research. The aim of the seminar is to discuss the background of the methodology (technology), practical uses and challenges, and future applications.

Date: 25 August 2016

Place: Stratos Culture and Event, Youngstorget 2a, Oslo

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Future challenges in food analysis

Presentations from the AOAC Europe – NMKL- NordVal International Symposium in Stockholm  21-22 May, 2015

Several lectures have forwarded their presentations in pfd-files.

In the program of the symposium, the links to the received presentations are given.

An article about the symposium is publised in Food Quality News 

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NRL Workshop

Aim of the workshop: To discuss the organisation of NRL, and the duties and requirements imposed by the current and the new Control Regulation 882 on NRL and food analyses.

To share experiences from NRL - How to fulfill the requirements and perform the tasks in an effective way? As the number of laboratories has decreased, and the scopes of the NRL are about to be widened, cooperation will be increasingly important. How can we facilitate Nordic cooperation and networking in these areas?

Date:  8 November 2016

Place:  Norwegian Veterinary Institute/ Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Oslo

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Kurs i Prøvetaking, 2. - 3. desember 2015


For deltakelse på Veterinærinstituttet, Ullevålsveien 68, Auditoriet i bygning 22.
Fra Oslo S ta trikk 17 eller 18 imot Rikshospitalet til Adamstuen. Veterinærinstituttet ligger da til høyre.


For deltakelse via streaming, anbefales Google Chrome som nettleser (Eldre versjon av Explorer virker ikke).

For å se kurset  2. desember trykk Her: DAG 1

For å se kurset 3. desember trykk Her: DAG 2


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NordVal is an independent, 3rd party that evaluates the quality characteristics and applications of alternative microbiological methods in the analysis of food, water, feedd and environmental samples

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