New NordVal International certificates

NordVal International Certificate 038 "iQ-Check® Salmonella II kit" from Bio-Rad has been renewed. NordVal International has recalculated the data for the method according to ISO 16140-2:2016 and concludes that the method for detection of Salmonella  spp. on a broad range of foods provides results equivalent to the results from the reference method. See the certificate here.


NordVal International Certificate 039 "BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for Campylobacter jejuni / coli and lari" from Qualicon has been renewed. NordVal International has recalculated the data for the methods according to ISO 16140-2:2016, and concludes that the method for chicken cloacae swabs provides results equivalent to the results from the reference method. See the certificate here


NordVal International Certificate 020 "RAPID’E.coli 2 Agar" from Bio-Rad has been renewed. New studies have been conducted according to ISO 16140-2:2016 and the results reveal that the method provides results equivalent to the results of the reference method for determination of both E.coli and total coliforms in a broad range of foods. See the certificate here


NordVal International Certificate 001 ” TRANSIA® PLATE Salmonella Gold” af BioControl has been renewed.The studies for the extension and the sensitivity study were carried out in 2016 according to the requirements of ISO 16140-2:2016. TRANSIA® PLATE Salmonella Gold is based on a three-step, sandwich-type ELISA (Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) using a microtitre plate with divisible strips coated with antibodies specific for Salmonella and ready-to use reagents. See the certificate here


NordVal certificate No. 046 for DNA Diagnostics method Salmonella Velox has been extended to also cover ready-to-eat og ready-to-reheat products. See the certificate for determination of Salmonella here.



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List of NordVal certificates

Aerobic microorganisms:

NordVal 033  HyServe Compact Dry TC, HyServe GmbH &Co KG,  expires: 01.12.18    

NordVal 018  Hygicult TPC, Orion Diagnostica,  expires: 01.02.19


Bacillus cereus

NordVal 045  HyServe Compact Dry X-BC, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 01.05.18



NordVal 017  Campylobacter Real-time PCR, Eurofins Steins,  expires: 01.04.19

NordVal 039  BAX ® System Real-Time PCR Assay, Thermo Fisher Scientific, expires: 01.12.19


Coliforms, E.coli & E.coli O157

NordVal 014  3M Petrifilm Coliforms/ E.coli, 3M Health Care, expires: 01.06.19

NordVal 020  RAPID' E.Coli2, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.12.19

NordVal 035  HyServe Compact Dry CF Total Coliforms, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 01.12.18

NordVal 036  HyServe Compact Dry EC Total Coliforms/E.coli, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 01.12.18



NordVal 034  HyServe compact Dry ETB, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 01.12.18



NordVal 047  HyServe compact Dry ETC, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 15.02.19



NordVal 002  Transia Plate Listeria, BioControl Systems Inc, expires: 12.06.2018

NordVal 022  RAPID' L.mono, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.05.18

NordVal 025  foodproof Listeria monocytogenes, Biotecon Diagnostics, expires: 10.06.19

NordVal 037  iQ-Check TM Listeria monocytogenes II,Bio-Rad, expires: 01.05.18



NordVal 001 Transia Plate Salmonella Gold, BioControl Systems Inc, expires 05.10.19

NordVal 023  foodproof Salmonella detection kit...,Biotecon Diagnostics, expires 10.06.19

NordVal 030  Dupont Bax system PCR Assay, OXOID A/S Thermo Fisher, expires 01.05.18

NordVal 032  Rapid’Salmonella, Bio-Rad, expires:01.12.18

NordVal 038  iQ-Check TM Salmonella II kit, Bio-Rad, expires: 31.12.19

NordVal 046 Salmonella Velox, DNA Diagnostic A/S, expires: 12.09.19



NordVal 042  HyServe Compact Dry X-SA, HyServe GmbH & Co. K, expires:01.06.2019


Yeast and mold

NordVal 043  HyServe Compact Dry YM, HyServe GmbH & Co. K, expires: 01.06.2019



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NordVal validation protocol


Microbiological analysis: Link to the NordVal International validation protocol No. 1 for microbiological methods (June 2016, ed. Sept 2017) (harmonises with ISO 16140-2:2016) is here


Chemical analysis: Link to the NordVal International validation protocol No. 2 for chemical methods is here

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List of NMKL Procedures

No 1, 2nd Ed. 2005 Kalibrering och kontroll av vågar på laboratorier. Calibration and performance checking of laboratory balances

No 3, 1996  Kontrollkort och kontrollprov i den interna kvalitetskontrollen på kemiska livsmedelslaboratorier. Control charts and control materials in internal quality control in food chemical laboratories

No 4, 3rd Ed., 2009  Validering av kjemiske analysemetoder. Validation of chemical analytical methods

No 5, 2nd Ed. 2003 Skattning och angivande av mätosäkerhet vid kemiska analyser. Estimation and expression of measurement uncertainty in chemical analysis

No 6, 2nd Ed. 2016 Generelle retningslinier for kvalitetssikring af sensoriske laboratorier. (Yleiset ohjeet aistinvaraisten laboratorioiden laadunvarmistukseen)

No 7, 1998 Kontrol af UV/VIS spektrofotometre. Checking of UV/VIS spectrophotometers

No 8, 4th Ed. 2008 Måleusikkerhet ved kvantitativ mikrobiologisk undersøkelse av næringsmidler. Measurement of uncertainty in quantitative microbiological examination of foods

No 9, 2nd Ed., 2007 Utvärdering av det systematiska felet med användning av certifierade referensmaterial. Evaluation of method bias using certified reference materials.

No 10, 2001 Kontroll av mikrobiologiske dyrkningsmedier. Control of Microbiological Media

No 11, 2nd Ed. 2010 Sensorisk bedømmelse av drikkevann. Procedure for sensory analysis of drinking water
Juomaveden aistinvarainen arviointi.

No 12, 2nd Ed., 2014 Håndbok i prøvetaking av næringsmidler. Guide on sampling for analysis of foods

No 13, 2003 Volumentrisk kontrol. Volumetric control

No 14, 2004 SENSVAL: Retningslinjer for egenkontroll i sensoriske analyselaboratorier. SENSVAL: Guidelines for internal control in sensory analysis laboratories

No 16, 2005 (2007) Sensorisk Kvalitetskontroll. Sensory quality control. Aistinvarainen laadunvalvonta

No 17, 2006 Kravspesifikasjoner ved kjøp av analysetjenester. Guidelines for requirement specifications for food analyses.

No 18, 2006 Bruk av referansematerialer, referansestammer og kontrollkort i mikrobiologiske næringsmiddellaboratorier. The use of reference materials, reference strains and control charts in a food microbiological laboratory

No 19, 2007 Riktlinjer för sensorisk bedömning av livsmedelsförpackningar. Guideline for sensorial Analysis of Food containers/packages

No 20, 2007 Evaluering av resultater fra kvalitative metoder. Evaluation of results from qualitative methods

No 21, 2nd Ed. 2016 Guide for sensory analysis of fish and shellfish (Available in English and Finnish)

No 22, 2008 Anvisnigar för värdering av immunokemiska testkit för livsmedelsanalys. Considerations regarding evaluation of immunochemical test kits for food analysis
No 23, 2008 Handledning i kvalitetssäkring för mikrobiologiska laboratorier. Guide on quality assurance in microbiological laboratories   

No 24,  2010 Veiledning i kvalitetssikring for kemiske levnedsmiddellaboratorier. Guidelines for quality assurance for food chemical laboratories  (also available in Finnish)   

No 25, 2014  Utbyte (Recovery) vid kemiska analytiska mätningar. Recovery information in analytical measurement

No 26, 2nd Ed., 2015 Kontroll och intern kalibrering av termometrar och temperaturkontroll på mikrobiologiska laboratorier. Control and internal calibration of thermometers and temperature control on microbiological laboratories

No 27, 2013  Måleusikkerhet i sensoriske analyser. Measurement uncertainty in sensory analysis

No 28, 2014 Guidelines for reporting sensory data

No 29, 2014 Guidelines for sensory analysis of meat and meat products (English and Finnish)

No 30, 2014 Statistical Evaluation of Results from Quantitative Microbiological Methods (English)

No 31, 2015 Guidelines for sensory evaluation of bread 

No. 32, 2017 Verification of microbiological methods (in English)


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Price list for NMKL publications

Online subscription for 1-3 users per lab unit:

  • NMKL methods:    DKK 2250 / EUR 300  (first time for accessing the compile collection: DKK 4250 / EUR 600)
  • NMKL procedures: DKK 1300/ EUR 200 (first time for accessing the compile collection: DKK 3500 / EUR 500)
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Other publications are free.


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The general secretariat of NMKL has moved to Denmark

As from 1 September 2016 the general secretariat of NMKL has moved from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute to the Technical University of Denmark. A big thank you to Hilde Skår Norli, the former general secretary, and Nina Bakkelund, the former secretary, for their huge efforts during the past years! Nina Skall Nielsen is the new general secretary and Kirsten Becker Hansen the new secretary. Please note: new address!

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New issue of NMKL Newsletter

In NMKL Newsletter No. 93 you can read about

- Authorisation of using NMKL methods according to Microbiological Criteria

- New guide in verification of microbiological methods

- The next NMKL Secretary General

- Upcoming events; seminar on molecular methods, international symposium on new trends for multi-component analysis and workshop regarding NRL

- New protocol for the validation of alternative methods

- New rapid method for the detection of Salmonella, only 5.5 hours

See the Newsletter here

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Application forms

Would you like to use the services of NordVal International to certify your alternative microbiological or chemical method?

Please complete the application form for a NordVal certificate, which is linked to here.


The NordVal certificate is valid for two years. 

The application form for renewal of a NordVal certificate is linked to here.

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List of NMKL technical reports

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List of NMKL Methods

NMKL 2, 1979, 3rd Ed.  Benzoesyre, bestemmelse af. Benzoic acid. Determination in foods

NMKL 3, 1999, 3rd Ed.  Salisylsyre i næringsmidler. Kvalitativ og kvantitativ analyse. Salicylic acid in foods. Qualitative and quantitative analysis.

NMKL 5, 2001, 5. utg. Aeroba mikroorganimser och presumtiva Enterobacteriaceae. Beräkning på ytor och tillbehör.Aerobic microorganisms and presumptive Enterobacteriaceae.  Enumeration on surfaces and utensils.

NMKL 6, 2003, 4th Ed. Nitrogen. Bestemmelse i levnedsmidler og goderstoffer efter Kjeldahl. Nitrogen. Determination in foods and feeds according to Kjeldahl (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 10, 2010, 4. Ed.  Vægtanalytisk bestemmelse af fedt i mælk, fløde og mælkepulver og mælkepulverprodukter. Gravimetric determination of fat in milk, cream and milk powder and milk powder products

NMKL 14, 2012, 2. Ed. Vanninnhold i brød. Gravimetrisk bestemmelse. Moisture in bread. Gravimetric determination.

NMKL 23, 1991, 3. Ed. Vatten och aska. Gravimetrisk bestämning i kött och köttvaror. Moisture and ash. Gravimetric determination in meat and meat products

NMKL 26, 1998, 4th Ed.  Phosphataseaktivitet. Bestemmelse for kontrol af pasteuriseret mælk, fløde og valle. Phosphatase activity. Determination for pasteurisation control of milk, cream and whey.

NMKL 28, 1958  Viktanalytisk bestämning av totala torrsubstansen i tomatpuré. Solids, total. Analytical determination by weight in tomato purée.

NMKL 31, 1959  Isolering och identifiering av vattenlösliga syntetiska färgämnen. Colouring matters, water-soluble, synthetic. Isolation and identification.

NMKL 32, 1959   Isolering og identifisering av fettoppløselige kunstige fargestoffer. Colouring matters, oil-soluble, synthetic. Isolation and identification.

NMKL 38, 2001, 4rd Ed.  Syretal/frie fettsyrer. Bestemmelse i fett. Acid value/free fatty acids. Determination in fats(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 39, 2003, 3rd Ed.Jodtall. Bestemmelse i fett og oljer (Wijs metode). Iodine value. Determination in fats and oils (Wij's method).  (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 40, 2005, 2nd Ed. Fedt. Bestemmelse i mælk ved butyrometer-(Gerber)metoden. Fat content. Determination in milk using a butyrometer – the Gerber method.

NMKL 44, 2004, 6th Ed.  Koliforme bakterier. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler og fôr. Coliform bacteria. Detection in foods and feeds.

NMKL 47, 1994, 2nd Ed. Helkonserves. Metode til holdbarhedsprøvning. Canned foods. Method for the examination of keeping quality.

NMKL 49, 1963 Nitrit. I Uspecifik titrimetrisk rutinemetode til bestemmelse af nitrit i nitritsalt og nitritsalpeter. II Bestemmelse af nitrit i nitritsalt og nitritsalpeter samt i kød, fisk og saltlage. Nitrite. I Unspecific titrimetric routine method for the determination of nitrite in "nitrite salt" and "nitrite salpetre". II Determination of nitrite in "nitrite salt" and "nitrite salpetre", and in meat, fish and brine.

NMKL 54, 1964  Påvisning og bestemmelse af formaldehyd i levnedsmidler. Formaldehyde. Determination in foods.

NMKL 55, 2011, 3. Ed.  Bestemmelse av nettovekt og drenet vekt i næringsmidler. Determination of net content and drained weight of food.

NMKL 56, 2015, 5. Ed. Sulfit-reducerende Clostridier. Bestemmelse i levnedsmidler. Sulphite-reducing Closteridia. Determination in foods.

NMKL 57, 1994, 2nd Ed. Fosfor. Spektrofotometrisk bestämning efter torraskning i livsmedel. Phosphorus. Spectophotometric determination after dry ashing in food.

NMKL 59, 2004, 5th Ed. Mikrobiologisk undersøkelse av helkonserver. Microbiological examination of fully preserved canned foods

NMKL 63, 2000, 2nd Ed. Oksalsyre.  Bestemmelse i næringsmidler. Oxalic acid. Determination in foods.

NMKL 66, 2009, 5. Ed. Koagulasepositive stafylokokker. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler. Coagulase positive staphylococci. Enumeration in foods.

NMKL 67, 2010, 6. Ed. Presumptiv Bacillus cereus. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler. Presumptive Bacillus cereus. Determination in foods.

NMKL 68, 2011, 5. Ed. Enterococcus. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler og fôr. Enterococcus. Determination in foods and feeds.

NMKL 70, 1969Tomatpuré og tomatpasta. Refraktometrisk bestemmelse af opløseligt tørstof. Soluble dry matter. Refractometric determination in tomato purée and tomato paste.

NMKL 71, 1999, 5th Ed. Salmonella. Påvisning i livsmedel. Salmonella. Detection in foods.

NMKL 76, 1988, 2nd Ed. Polyfosfater. Påvisning ved papirkromatografi i kjøttvarer m.m. Polyphosphates. Detection by paper chromatography in meat products etc.

NMKL 77, 1970 a -amylasaktivitet. Bestämning i spannmål och spannmålsprodukter. Alpha-amylase activity. Determination in cereals and cereal products.

NMKL 79, 2012, 3rd Ed. Botulinum neurotoksin. Påvisning i næringsmidler, fôr og prøver av dyremateriale. Botulinum neurotoxin. Detection in foods, feeds and animal sample materials.

NMKL 80, 1991, 2nd Ed.  Clostridium botulinum. Påvisning i næringsmidler og annet prøvemateriale. Clostridium botulinum. Detection in foods and other test materials.

NMKL 84, 1984, 2nd Ed. n-Dodecylgallat (DG), n-octylgallat (OG), n-propylgallat (PG) og nordihydroguajaretsyre (NDGA). Påvisning i fedt. TLC-metode. n-Dodecyl gallate (DG), n-octyl gallate (OG), n-propyl gallate (PG) and nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA). Detection in fat. TLC method.

NMKL 86, 2013, 5. Ed.  Aerobe mikroorgansimer. Bestemmelse i levnedsmidler ved 37 °C, 30 °C, 25 °C, 20 °C, 17/7 °C eller 6,5 °C efter kolonitalsmetoden. Aerobic microorganisms. Determination in foods at 37 °C, 30 °C, 25 °C, 20 °C, 17/7 °C or 6.5 °C by the colony count method.

NMKL 91, 2010, 6. Ed. Prøveudtagning og forbehandling af levnedsmidler og foderstoffer til kvantitativ mikrobiologisk undersøgelse. Preparation of the test sample and initial supension of food and animal feeding stuffs for quantitative microbiological examination

NMKL 94, 2010, 3. Ed.Bly och kadmium. Utlösning från keramiska föremål. Lead and cadmium. Release from ceramic articles

NMKL 95, 2009, 5. Ed.  Clostridium perfringens. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler, fôr og miljøprøver. Clostridium perfringens. Determination in foods, feed and environmental samples.

NMKL 96, 2009, 4. Ed.  Koliforme bakterier, termotoler-ante koliforme bakterier og E. coli, to MPN metoder til fersk og fryst sjømat.
Coliform bacteria, thermotolerant coliform bacteria and E. coli, two MPN methods for Fresh and Frozen Seafood.

NMKL 98, 2005, 4. Ed. Mögel och jäst. Bestämning i livsmedel och foder. Mould and yeasts. Determination in foods and feed.

NMKL 99, 2013, 2. Ed. Histamin. Fluorimetrisk bestemmelse i fisk. Histamine. Fluorimetric determination in fish. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 100, 2006, 2. Ed.  Nitrit og nitrat. Bestemmelse i fødevarer, saltlager og saltblandinger. Nitrite and nitrate. Determination in foods, brines and salt mixtures.

NMKL 104, 1984 Måling av vandaktivitet med polyamidtrådshygrometerWater activity. Measuring with a polyamide filament hygrometer

NMKL 107, 2006, 2. Ed. Titrerbar syregrad. Bestemmelse i mælk og fløde. Titratable acidity. Determination in Milk and Cream.

NMKL 110, 2005, 2nd. Ed. Tørstof (vand). Gravimetrisk bestemmelse i mælk og mælkeprodukter. Total Solids (Water). Gravimetric determination in milk and milk Products.

NMKL 111, 1985 Folat, biologisk aktivt, i mælk og mælkeprodukter. Mikrobiologisk bestemmelse med Lactobacillus casei. Folate, biologically active. Microbiological determination in milk and milk products with Lactobacillus casei

NMKL 114, 1985 Isolering og identificering af vandopløselige, syntetiske farvestoffer. Colouring matters, water-soluble, synthetic. Isolation and identification

NMKL 116, 1985 Järn-fotometrisk bestämning i livsmedel. Iron. Photometric determination in food

NMKL 117, 1996, 3rd Ed. Yersinia enterocolitica. Påvisning i næringsmidler. Yersinia enterocolitica. Detection in foods

NMKL 118, 1988, 2nd Ed. Histamin. Kvalitativ tyndtlagskromatografisk screeningmetode for fisk. Histamine. Qualitative thin-layer chromatographic screening method for fish

NMKL 119, 2007, 3rd Ed. Termotolerante Campylobacter. Påvisning, semi-kvantitativ og kvantitativ bestemmelse i levnedsmidler og drikkevand. Thermotolerant Campylobacter. Detection, semi-quantitative and quantitative determination in foods and drinking water.

NMKL 121, 2004, 2nd Ed. Bakteriehæmmende stoffer. Mikrobiologisk undersøgelse til påvisning af restkoncentrationer af antibiotika og kemoterapeutika i nyre og muskel fra slagtedyr (4-plademetode). Antibacterial substances. Microbiological examination of residues of antibiotics and chemotherapeutics in kidney and muscle from carcasses (4 plate method).

NMKL 122, 1997, 2nd Ed. (2007: Amendment) Sackarin. Vätskekromatografisk bestämning i drycker och sötsaker. Saccharin. Liquid chromatographic determination in beverages and sweets. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 123, 1998, 2nd Ed. Cyklamat. Spektrofotometrisk bestämning i livsmedel. Cyclamate. Spectrophotometric determination in foods(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 124, 1997, 2nd Ed. (2007: AmendmentBensoesyra, sorbinsyra och p-hydroxi-bensoesyraestrar. Vätskekromatografisk bestämning. Benzoic acid, sorbic acid and p-hydroxybenzoic acid esters. Liquid chromatographic determination in foods(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 125, 2005, 4. Ed. Termotolerante koliforme bakterier og Escherichia coli. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler og fôr. Thermotolerant coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli. Enumeration in food and feed.

NMKL126, 1988  Tin. Bestemmelse ved atomabsorption i vegetabilske levnedsmidler. Tin. Determination by atomic absorption in fruits and vegetables.

NMKL 127, 2002, 2nd Ed. Hydroxyprolin. Kolorimetrisk bestemmelse til beregning af kollagenindholdet i kød og kødprodukter. Hydroxyproline. Colorimetric determination as a measure of collagen in meat and meat products.

NMKL 129, 2003, 2nd Ed. Kostfiber, total, løselig og uløselig. Gravimetrisk bestemmelse i næringsmidler etter enzymatisk nedbrytning med MES/TRIS buffer. Total, Soluble, and Insoluble Dietary Fibre in Foods. Enzymatic-Gravimetric Method, MES/TRIS Buffer. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 130, 1989 Färgämnen. Syntetiska, vattenlösliga. Vätskekromatografisk bestämning i livsmedel. Colours, synthetic, water-soluble. Liquid chromatographic determination in foods.

NMKL 131, 1989 Fett. Bestämning enligt SBR (Schmid-Bondzynski-Ratslaff) i kött och köttvaror. Fat. Determination according to SBR in meat and meat products.

NMKL 132, 1989 Sulfit. Spektrofotometrisk bestämning i livsmedel. Sulphite. Spectrophotometric determination in foods (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 134, 1990  Färgämnen, syntetiska, vattenlösliga. Halvkvantitativ bestämning med kromatografi och spektrofotometri. Colours, synthetic, water-soluble, semi-quantitative. Determination by chromatography and spectrophotometry.

NMKL 135, 1990 Sulfit. Enzymatisk bestämning i livsmedel. Sulphite. Enzymatic determination in foods. (Codex endorsed method)
NMKL 136, 2010, 5. Ed. Listeria monocytogenes.  Påvisning i næringsmidler og fôr samt kvantifisering i næringsmidler. Listeria monocytogenes.  Detection in foods and feeding stuffs and enumeration in foods.

NMKL 137, 2002, 2nd Ed. Kimtal. Bestemmelse ved direkte epifluorescens filter teknik (DEFT) i råt, hakket kød. Bacterial count. Determination by direct epifluorescent filter technique (DEFT) in raw minced meat.

NMKL 138, 1991 L-glutaminsyra och mononatrium-glutamat. Enzymatisk bestämning i fisk- och köttvaror samt i soppor. L-Glutamic acid and monosodium glutamate. Enzymatic determination in meat and fish and in soups.

NMKL 139, 1991 Metaller, 2nd Ed. 2016. Bestämning med atom-absorptionsspektrofotometri i livsmedel. Metals. Determination by atomic absorption spectrophotometry in foodstuffs(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 140, 2007, 2nd Ed. Melkesyrebakterier. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler i forbindelse med bederving. Lactic acid bacteria. Determination in food in association with food spoilage.

NMKL 141, 2010, 3. Ed. Brochothrix thermosphacta. Bestemmelse i kød og kødvarer. Brochothrix thermosphacta. Enumeration in meat and meat products.

NMKL 142, 1992  Aspartam og diketopiperazin. Bestemmelse ved HPLC. Aspartame and diketopiperazin. Determination by HPLC

NMKL 143, 3rd Ed. 2009 Ochratoxin A. HPLC bestemmelse i korn (spannmål) og kaffe. Ochratoxin A. HPLC determination in cereals and coffee.

NMKL 144, 3rd Ed. 2005 Enterobacteriaceae. Bestämning i livsmedel och foder. Enterobacteriaceae. Determination in foods and feeds.

NMKL 145, 2nd Ed. 1997 (2006/2007: Amendment) Stärkelse och glukos. Enzymatisk bestämning i livsmedel. Starch and glucose. Enzymatic determination in foods.

NMKL 148, 1993 Fruktos, glukos och sackaros. Vätskekromatografisk bestämning i frukt- och grönsaksprodukter. Fructose, glucose and saccharose. Liquid chromatographic determination in fruit and vegetable products(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 150, 3rd Ed.2004 Aeromonas, mesofile arter. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler og fôr. Mesophilic Aeromonas species. Determination in foods and feeds.

NMKL 152, 2nd Ed, 2005 Penicillium verrucosum - Ochratoxin A dannende. Påvisning i fødevarer og foder. Penicillium verrucosum Ochratoxin A producing. Detection in food and feed.

NMKL 153, 1996 Magnesium og kalsium. Bestemmelse med atomabsorpsjonsspektrometri etter våtoppslutning i mikrobølgeovn. Magnesium and calcium. Determination by atomic absorption spectrometry after wet digestion in a microwave oven(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 154, 2. Ed, 2006 Fusarium. Bestemmelse i levnedsmidler og foderstoffer. Fusarium. Determination in foods and feedstuffs.

NMKL 155, 2. Ed, 2006 Laktos och galaktos. Enzymatisk bestämning i livsmedel. Lactos and galactose. Enzymatic determination in foods .

NMKL 156, 2nd Ed.1997 Sygdomsfremkaldende Vibrio arter. Påvisning og bestemmelse i levnedsmidler. Pathogenic Vibrio species. Detection and enumeration in foods.

NMKL 157, 1997 (2007: Amendment) Karmin. Vätskekromatografisk bestämning i livsmedel. Carmine. Liquid chromatographic determination in foods.

NMKL 158, 1997 Peroxidvärde. Bestämning i fett och olja. Peroxide value. Determination in fat and oil(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 159, 2. Ed, 2008 Glykoalkaloider. Vätskekromatografisk bestämning i potatis. Glycoalkaloids. Liquid chromatographic determination in potatoes.

NMKL 160, 1998 Fett. Bestämning i livsmedel. Fat. Determination in foods.

NMKL 161, 1998 Metaller. Bestämning i livsmedel med atomabsorptionsspektrofotometri efter våtuppslutning i mikrovågsugn. Metals. Determination by atomic absorption spectrophotometry after wet digestion in a microwave oven(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 162, 1998 Kostfiber. Gaskromatografisk, kolorimetrisk och gravimetrisk bestämning i livsmedel, Uppsala-metoden. Total dietary fibre. Gas chromatographic, colorimetric and gravimetric determination in foods - Uppsala method. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 163, 2013, 2. Ed. Patogene Yersinia enterocolitica  og Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. Real-time PCR-metode til påvisning i næringsmidler, dyrefôr og miljøprøver. Pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica  and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. Real-time PCR methods for detection in foods, feeds and environmental samples.

NMKL 164, 2005, 2. Ed. Escherichia coli  O157. Påvisning i levnedsmidler og foder. Escherichia coli  O157. Detection in food and feeding stuffs.

NMKL 165, 2000 Nitrit och nitrat. Jonkromatografisk bestämning av nitrit och/eller nitrat i livsmedel. Nitrite and Nitrate. Nitrite and/or nitrate in foodstuffs by ion chromatography.

NMKL 166, 2000  Arsen. Bestemmelse i sjømat med elektrotermisk atomabsorpsjonsspektrometri etter våtoppslutning i mikrobølgeovn. Arsenic.  Determination in seafood by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ET AAS) after microwave digestion.

NMKL 167, 2000 Kolekalciferol (vitamin D3) och ergokalciferol (vitamin D2).  Vätskekromatografisk bestämning i livsmedel. Cholecalciferol  (vitamin D3) and Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2).Determination by HPLC in foodstuffs. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 168, 2001 Vannaktivitet.  Instrumentell bestemmelse. Water activity.  Instrumental determinations(Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 169, 2002  Tørstof i levnedsmidler. Vakuummetoden. Dry matter in foodstuffs. The vacuum method.

NMKL 170, 2002 Kvikksølv. Bestemmelse i fisk og annen sjømat med "flow injection" kald damp AAS (FI- CVAAS) etter våtoppslutning  i mikrobølgeovn. Mercury. Determination   in Seafood by Flow Injection Cold Vapour Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (FI-CVAAS) after Microwave Digestion.

NMKL 171, 2015, 3. Ed. Halofile og osmofile mikrober (rødmidd og brunmidd).  Bestemmelse i fullsaltede fiskeprodukter. Halophilic and osmophilic microbes ('Pink' and 'Dun').  Determination in salt-cured fish products.

NMKL 172, 2002 Ergosterol. Vätskekromatografisk bestämning i spannmål (korn). Ergosterol. Determination by HPLC in cereals.

NMKL 173, 2005, 2nd Ed. Aske, gravimetrisk bestemmelse i levnedsmidler. Ash, gravimetric determination in foods.

NMKL 174, 2016, 3rd Ed. Shigella spp. och Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli (EIEC). Realtids-PCR metod för påvisning i livsmedelShigella spp. and Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli (EIEC). Detection with real-time PCR in food.

NMKL 175, 2003 Aflatoxin M1 i mjølk och torrmjølk. Bestämning med HPLC efter upprening på immunoaffinitetskolonn. Aflatoxin M1 in milk and milk powder. Determination by HPLC after cleaning on an immuno affinity column.

NMKL 176, 2003 Proteiner. Kvalitativ metod för att påvisa vissa proteiner (allergener) i livsmedel med immunodiffusion. Proteins. Qualitative method for detection of specific proteins (allergens) in food by immuno diffusion.

NMKL177, 2004 Aspergillus flavus och A. parasiticus. Bestämning i livsmedel och foder. Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus. Determination in foods and feeds.

NMKL 178, 2004 Klorid (salt). Bestämning i livsmedel med potentiometrisk titrering. Chloride (salt). Determination in foods by potentiometric titration.

NMKL 179, 2005 pH. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler. pH. Determination in foods. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 180, 2005 Natrium. Bestemmelse i næringsmidler med atomabsorpsjonspektrometri etter våtoppslutning i mikrobølgeovn. Sodium. Determination in Foodstuffs by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry after Microwave Digestion.

NMKL 181, 2005 Fett. Bestemmelse i kjøtt og kjøttvarer med butyrometer etter Gerber. Fat. Determination in meat and meat products using a butyrometer according to Gerber.

NMKL 182, 2005 PSP-toksiner. Bestemmelse av paralyserende algetoksiner i skjell ved HPLC/ fluorescens. PSP-toxins. Determination of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins in shellfish by HPLC/ fluorescence. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 183, Kvalitetskontrolltest av drikkevann (2005). Juomaveden aistinvarainen laadunarviointi (2005/20172.painos). Quality control test for drinking water (2nd Ed. 2017)

NMKL 184, 2006 Kimtal og specifikke fordær-velsesbakterier i fisk og fiskevarer. Aerobic count and specific spoilage organisms in fish and fish products.

NMKL 185, 2007 Akrylamid. Bestemmelse i bakeri- og poptetprodukter ved væskekromotografi med tandem massespektrometri (LC-MS-MS). Acrylamide. Determination in bakery and potato products by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS).

NMKL186, 2007 Tungmetaller - As, Cd, Hg og Pb. Bestemmelse med ICP-MS etter syreoppslutning under trykk. Trace elements - As, Cd, Hg, Pb and other elements. Determination by ICP-MS after pressure digestion.

NMKL 187, 2nd Ed., 2016 Salmonella. Påvisning i næringsmidler, avføring fra dyr og miljøprøver fra animalsk primærproduksjon ved bruk av MSRV. Salmonella. Detection in foods, faeces and materials from primary animal production using MSRV.

NMKL 188, 2007 Nitrat. Bestemmelse i melk og melkeprodukter med enzymatisk reduksjon og spektrometri etter Griess reaksjon.
IDF - NMKL metode. Nitrate. Determination in milk and milk products by enzymatic reduction and spectrometry after Griess reaction.
IDF - NMKL method.

NMKL 189, 2nd Ed., 2017 Aaerobt eller anaerobt kimtal eller sporetal. Bestemmelse på Blodagar. Aerobic or anaerobic microorganisms or bacterial spores. Enumeration on Blood Agar.

NMKL 190, 2009 Tinn (Sn). Bestemmelse i næringsmidler med flamme eller grafittovn atomabsorpsjonspektrometri (AAS). Tin (Sn). Determination in foods by flame or graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL191, 2009 Tinn (Sn). Bestemmelse i næringsmidler med induktiv koplet plasma massespektrometri (ICPMS). Tin (Sn). Determination in foods by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS). (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 192, 2011 Gramnegativa bakterier i pastöriserad mjölk och grädde. Påvisande av återkontamination. Gram-negative bacteria in pasteu­rized milk and cream. Detection of recontamination.

NMKL 194, 2013 Nitrat och nitrit. Spektrofotometrisk bestämning av nitrat och/eller nitrit i livsmedel och vatten efter reduktion med zink och Griess reaktion. Nitrate and nitrite. Determination of nitrate and/or nitrite in foodstuffs and water by spectrophotometry after zinc reduction and Griess reaction.

NMKL 195, 2013 Bekämpningsmedelsrester. Analys i livsmedel med etylacetatextraktion och gas- och vätskekromatografi med tandem-masspektrometribestämning. Pesticide residues. Analysis in foods with ethyl acetate extraction using gas and liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometric determination.

NMKL 196, 2013 Biogene aminer. HPLC bestemmelse i næringsmidler. Biogenic amines. HPLC determination in foods. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 197, 2013 Paralyserende algetoksiner. Bestemmelse i blåskjell, muslinger, østers og kamskjell ved post-kolonne- oksidering og HPLC/ fluorescens. Paralytic Shellfish Toxins. Determination in mussels, clams, oysters and scallops by post-column oxidation and HPLC/ fluorescence. (Codex endorsed method)

NMKL 198, 2014 Växtstanoler och växtsteroler. Bestämning av fytosterolberikade livsmedel med gaskromatografi (GC-FID). Plant stanols and plant sterols. Determination in phytosterol enriched foods with gas chromatograph  (GC-FID).

NMKL 199, 2014 Fett. Bestemmelse i fisk, fiskefôr og fiskemel med lavfelt (LF) NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). Fat. Determination in fish, fish feed and fish meal by low field nuclear magnetic resonance (LF-NMR).

NMKL 200, 2015. Histamin. HPLC bestemmelse med post-kolonne derivatisering og fluorescensdeteksjon i fisk og fiskeprodukter. Histamine. HPLC determination with post-column derivatization and fluorescence detectionin fish and fish products.

NMKL 201, 2017. Kvalitetskontrolltest - Sensorisk bedømmelse av marine oljer. Quality control test - Sensory evaluation of marine oils.





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