New NordVal International certificates

NordVal International Certificate 041 "Salmonella detection method by real-time PCR" from Eurofins has been renewed.
The method describes a shortened pre-enrichment in buffered peptone water followed by DNA extraction and subsequent real-time PCR analysis. The Salmonella detection method using DNA extraction by boiling or King Fisher is applicable for raw meat and swabs from cattle and pig carcasses. The Salmonella detection method using DNA extraction by King Fisher is also applicable for poultry faeces sock swabs. See the certificate here.


New NordVal Certificate 048 issued for LactoSens® 0.01%. DirectSens® has developed a biosensor for the determination of residual lactose in lactose-free milk products. Using a specific enzyme and an electrochemical measurement, the lactose concentration is detected using the LactoSens® Reader (LR01) with sensors from the LactoSens® Test Kit (LK0225). Further information is given in the certificate. A validation of LactoSens has been performed according to the NordVal Validation Protocol 2. The performance of the LactoSens® 0.01% assay was compared against the reference method ISO 22662 IDF 198 Milk and milk products – Determination of lactose content by HPLC. The results obtained are satisfactory and document that there is no statistical difference in the performances between the methods for lactose in milk (and milk products) for levels at or above 0.01%. LactoSens is validated for cow/bovine milk. See the certificate here.


NordVal International Certificate 038 "iQ-Check® Salmonella II kit" from Bio-Rad has been renewed. NordVal International has recalculated the data for the method according to ISO 16140-2:2016 and concludes that the method for detection of Salmonella  spp. on a broad range of foods provides results equivalent to the results from the reference method. See the certificate here.