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Excel Spread Sheet for Codex Method Criteria

As an alternative to specifying analytical methods in Codex Standards, Codex has adopted method criteria, i.e. Codex has a set of method performance characteristics for which there have been established numeric values. The laboratories can choose which method to use as long as the criteria are fulfilled. The method criteria are calculated based on the ML (maximum level) and the Horwitz' ratio. This Excel spreadsheet calculate the values for you.


Excel Spreadsheet related to specific NMKL Procedures. (Free downloading)

NMKL Procedure No. 4, 3. Ed., 2009:  Validation of chemical analytical


NMKL Procedure no. 5, 2. Ed. 2003: Estimation and expression of measurement uncertainty in chemical analysis


 NMKL Procedure No. 8, 4. Ed. 2008: Measurement of uncertainty in quantitative microbiological examination of foods


NMKL Procedure No. 20, 2007 Evaluation of results from qualitative methods

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