New NordVal International certificates

A new NordVal International certificate has been issued for Compact Dry YM RAPID from HyServe. Compact Dry are ready-to-use dry media sheets comprising culture medium and a cold-soluble gelling agent. The Compact Dry YM Rapid method contains chromogenic medium and selective agents for the detection and enumeration of yeasts and moulds after 3 days of incubation. Further information is given in the certificate. A validation of Compact Dry YM RAPID has been performed according to the NordVal validation protocol No. 1 and ISO16140-2. The performance of Compact Dry YM RAPID was compared against the reference method ISO 21527-1:2008. The results obtained document that Compact Dry YM RAPID provides equivalent results to the reference method in a broad range of foods with an aw of >0.95. Like the reference method, it is not intended for mould spores or for heat resistant mould species. See the certificate here.


NordVal International Certificate 037 issued to Bio-Rad for "iQ-Check® Listeria monocytogenes II" has been renewed. The method describes sample preparation according to one of three protocols followed by real-time PCR using florescent probes. An extension study has been performed to ensure compliance with ISO 16140-2 and NordVal validation protocol No. 1. By reviewing the results, NordVal International concludes, that "iQ-Check® Listeria monocytogenes II" for detecting Listeria monocytogenes provides results equivalent to the results from the reference method when applied for detection in a broad range of foods and environmental samples. See the certificate here.


New Nordval Certificate 049 issued to BioRad for RAPID´Staph. RAPID’Staph is based on enumeration on an optimised Baird-Parker formula for enumeration of S. aureus in 24 h at 37° C. Some Staphylococcus coagulase positive strains can give colonies with a small or no halo after 24 hours of incubation. An additional incubation of 24 hours could be necessary to see the halo. RAPID´Staph is applicable for a broad range of foods. The validation is performed according to ISO 16140-2 and NordVal Validation Protocol 1. See the certificate here.