New method: NMKL 151 Presumptive Shigella spp. Detection in foods.

NMKL 151 Presumptive Shigella spp. Detection in foods has been reintroduced and updated.

The presence of Shigella in food and the environments is normally of human fecal origin. Shigella is host-specific for higher primates, including humans. Shigella is usually present in foods in low number due to their poor ability to compete. Consequently, they are notoriously difficult to detect in foods. The infectious dose is low, and only 10-100 Shigella are needed to cause infection. Due to the low infectious dose, cross contamination from infected humans to foods and further on to more persons can occur, for example through handling of foods. Person-to-person contamination can also occur. It has been shown that Shigella can survive in weeks and months in or on different foodstuffs.

In this updated method, a step to reduce background flora and ease the isolation of Shigella for some matrices has been introduced. In addition, recommendation regarding which plates to use has been added. This method can be used for subsequent isolation of Shigella spp. after using NMKL 174, 2016, for detection of the virulence factor ipaH in enrichment broth. NMKL 174 can also be used for detection of ipaH in presumptive colonies.


New NordVal International certificates

NordVal International Certificate 020 issued to Bio-Rad for RAPID’E.coli 2 Agar has been renewed. The method describe ready-to-use selective and chromogenic plates, which inhibits growth of Gram-positive bacteria and of the principal Gram-negative bacteria other than Enterobacteriacae. The method is applicable for detection of E. coli in a broad range of foods. See the certificate here.

NordVal International Certificate 033 issued to HyServe for Compact Dry TC Method for enumeration of total count has been extended. The method describe ready-to-use chromogenic plates. An extension study was performed to extend the method and to ensure compliance with ISO 16140-2 and NordVal Validation Protocol 1. By reviewing the results, NordVal International concludes, that the method provides results equivalent to the results from the reference method when applied for detection in a broad range of foods, pet food and environmental samples. See the certificate here.

NordVal International Certificate 039 issued to Qualicon Diagnostics for BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay Campylobacter jejuni/coli/lari has been renewed. The method is a direct method without enrichment step and with ready to use tubes for the BAX instrument. The method is applicable for detection of Campylobacter jejuni, coli and lari in poultry faeces on cloacae swabs. See the certificate here.


New issue of NMKL Newsletter

In NMKL Newsletter No. 93 you can read about

- Authorisation of using NMKL methods according to Microbiological Criteria

- New guide in verification of microbiological methods

- The next NMKL Secretary General

- Upcoming events; seminar on molecular methods, international symposium on new trends for multi-component analysis and workshop regarding NRL

- New protocol for the validation of alternative methods

- New rapid method for the detection of Salmonella, only 5.5 hours

See the Newsletter here


Application forms

Would you like to use the services of NordVal International to certify your alternative microbiological or chemical method?

Please complete the application form for a NordVal certificate, which is linked to here.


The NordVal certificate is valid for two years. 

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List of NMKL procedures

No. 1, 2005, 2nd Ed. Kalibrering och kontroll av vågar på laboratorier. Calibration and performance checking of laboratory balances

No. 3, 1996 Kontrollkort och kontrollprov i den interna kvalitetskontrollen på kemiska livsmedelslaboratorier. Control charts and control materials in internal quality control in food chemical laboratories

No. 4, 2009, 3rd Ed. Validering av kjemiske analysemetoder. Validation of chemical analytical methods

No. 5, 2003, 2nd Ed. Skattning och angivande av mätosäkerhet vid kemiska analyser. Estimation and expression of measurement uncertainty in chemical analysis (3rd Ed. 2019)

No. 6, 2016, 2nd Ed.Generelle retningslinier for kvalitetssikring af sensoriske laboratorier. (Yleiset ohjeet aistinvaraisten laboratorioiden laadunvarmistukseen)

No. 7, 1998 Kontrol af UV/VIS spektrofotometre. Checking of UV/VIS spectrophotometers

No. 8, 2008, 4th Ed. Måleusikkerhet ved kvantitativ mikrobiologisk undersøkelse av næringsmidler. Measurement of uncertainty in quantitative microbiological examination of foods

No. 9, 2007, 2nd Ed. Utvärdering av det systematiska felet med användning av certifierade referensmaterial. Evaluation of method bias using certified reference materials

No. 10, 2017, 2nd Ed. Kvalitetskontroll av mikrobiologiske dyrkningsmedier. Control of microbiological media 

No. 11, 2010, 2nd Ed. Sensorisk bedømmelse av drikkevann. Procedure for sensory analysis of drinking water
Juomaveden aistinvarainen arviointi.

No. 12, 2014, 2nd Ed. Håndbok i prøvetaking av næringsmidler. Guide on sampling for analysis of foods

No. 13, 2003 Volumentrisk kontrol. Volumetric control

No. 16, 2005 (2007) Sensorisk Kvalitetskontroll. Sensory quality control. Aistinvarainen laadunvalvonta

No. 17, 2006 Kravspesifikasjoner ved kjøp av analysetjenester. Guidelines for requirement specifications for food analyses.

No. 18, 2006 Bruk av referansematerialer, referansestammer og kontrollkort i mikrobiologiske næringsmiddellaboratorier. The use of reference materials, reference strains and control charts in a food microbiological laboratory

No. 19, 2007 Riktlinjer för sensorisk bedömning av livsmedelsförpackningar. Guideline for sensorial Analysis of Food containers/packages

No. 20, 2007 Evaluering av resultater fra kvalitative metoder. Evaluation of results from qualitative methods

No. 21, 2016, 2nd Ed. Guide for sensory analysis of fish and shellfish (Available in English and Finnish)

No. 22, 2008 Anvisnigar för värdering av immunokemiska testkit för livsmedelsanalys. Considerations regarding evaluation of immunochemical test kits for food analysis
No. 23, 2008 Handledning i kvalitetssäkring för mikrobiologiska laboratorier. Guide on quality assurance in microbiological laboratories   

No. 24,  2010 Veiledning i kvalitetssikring for kemiske levnedsmiddellaboratorier. Guidelines for quality assurance for food chemical laboratories  (also available in Finnish)   

No. 25, 2014  Utbyte (Recovery) vid kemiska analytiska mätningar. Recovery information in analytical measurement

No. 26, 2015, 2nd Ed. Kontroll och intern kalibrering av termometrar och temperaturkontroll på mikrobiologiska laboratorier. Control and internal calibration of thermometers and temperature control on microbiological laboratories

No. 27, 2013  Måleusikkerhet i sensoriske analyser. Measurement uncertainty in sensory analysis

No. 28, 2014 Guidelines for reporting sensory data

No. 29, 2014 Guidelines for sensory analysis of meat and meat products (English and Finnish)

No. 30, 2014 Statistical Evaluation of Results from Quantitative Microbiological Methods (English)

No. 31, 2015 Guidelines for sensory evaluation of bread 

No. 32, 2017 Verifikation af mikrobiologiske metoder. Verification of microbiological methods



NordVal International's technical committees

NordVal International receives many applications and, consequently, regularly seeks members to its technical committee. If you are interested in contributing to its work, ref. below-mentioned description of functions, please contact the NMKL secretariat. To see description of functions please click here


List of NordVal certificates

Aerobic microorganisms

NordVal 033  HyServe Compact Dry TC, HyServe GmbH &Co KG,  expires: 01.12.19    

NordVal 018  Hygicult TPC, Orion Diagnostica,  expires: 01.02.21



NordVal 017  Campylobacter real-time PCR, Eurofins Steins,  expires: 01.06.21

NordVal 039  BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay, Thermo Fisher Scientific, expires: 01.12.19


Coliforms, E.coli & E.coli O157

NordVal 020  RAPID' E.Coli2, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.12.19

NordVal 035  HyServe Compact Dry CF Total Coliforms, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.12.20

NordVal 036  HyServe Compact Dry EC Total Coliforms/E.coli, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.12.20



NordVal 034  HyServe compact Dry ETB, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.12.20



NordVal 047  HyServe compact Dry ETC, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 15.02.21



NordVal 022  RAPID' L.mono, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.05.20

NordVal 025  foodproof Listeria monocytogenes, BIOTECON Diagnostics, expires: 10.06.21

NordVal 037  iQ-Check® Listeria monocytogenes II, Bio-Rad, expires: 12.06.20



NordVal 023  foodproof® Salmonella Detection Kit, BIOTECON Diagnostics, expires 10.06.21

NordVal 030  Dupont BAX® System PCR Assay, OXOID A/S Thermo Fisher, expires 01.05.20

NordVal 032  Rapid’Salmonella, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.12.20

NordVal 038  iQ-Check® TM Salmonella II kit, Bio-Rad, expires: 31.12.19

NordVal 041  Salmonella detection method by real-time PCR, Eurofins, expires: 08.03.20

NordVal 046 Salmonella Velox, DNA Diagnostic A/S, expires: 06.09.21



NordVal 042  HyServe Compact Dry X-SA, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires:01.06.21

NordVal 049 RAPID’Staph, Bio-Rad, expires: 20.05.20


Yeast and mold

NordVal 043  HyServe Compact Dry YM, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.06.21

NordVal 050  HyServe Compact Dry YM RAPID, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 15.06.20


Chemical methods

NordVal 048  LactoSens® 0.01%, DirectSens GmbH, expires: 07.03.21

NordVal 051  BRT Inhibitor Test, Analytik in Milch Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH, expires: 01.03.21

NordVal 052  BRT MRL Screening Test, Analytik in Milch Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH, expires: 01.03.21

NordVal 053  BRT hi-sense, Analytik in Milch Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH, expires: 01.03.21






NordVal validation protocol

Microbiological analysis:

Link to the NordVal International validation protocol No. 1 for microbiological methods (June 2016, edited September 2017 and September 2018) (harmonises with ISO 16140-2:2016) is here

Link to the NordVal International validation protocol No. 1b  for microbiological methods – confirmation and typing methods (January 2019) (harmonises with ISO 16140-6:2016) is here



Chemical analysis:

Link to the NordVal International validation protocol No. 2 for chemical methods (September 2017, edited September 2018) is here


List of NMKL technical reports


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