New NordVal International certificate

Certificate 048 for the biosensor developed by DirectSens® to determine residual lactose in lactose-free milk products has been extended. At the same time, the name of the method was changed from LactoSens® 0,01% to LactoSens®R. New validation studies have been performed to validate that the biosensor LactoSens®R may also be used to determine residual lactose in milk samples with a fat content of up to 36% and in fermented milk products: yoghurt, cream, sour cream and curd. Further, it was assessed that the sensor is also applicable to lactose-free flavoured yoghurts and milk drinks (coffee, cacao, fruits). In addition, it was verified that the sensors are stable for at least 3 days' storage at 30⁰C. See the certificate here.


Three new certificates for Analytik in Milch Produktions- and Vertriebs- GmbH, Germany, have been issued. The methods describe Brilliant Black Reduction tests in microtiter plates for detection of anti-microbial agents in bovine milk. The inhibitors lessen or inhibit metabolic activity of the test bacteria. Detection may be visual or photometric. The methods have been tested in a large test for a range of different anti-microbial agents. The results are compared with EU maximum residue limits and POD curves are given.

The new certificates are:

NordVal International Certificate 051 for “BRT Inhibitor Test - see the certificate here

NordVal International Certificate 052 for “BRT MRL Screening Test” - see the certificate here

NordVal International Certificate 053 for “BRT hi-sense” - see the certificate here