For obtaining a NordVal Certificate; an approval for that the method performs equivalent (or better) to a reference method, the following steps are necessary:

- Fill out an application form to NordVal . This gives the steering group of NordVal International information about the applicant and the method

- Appoint a laboratory (experts, accredited and independent). The laboratory has to be approved by NordVal. The applicant is making the agreement directly with the laboratory.

- The laboratory forwards NordVal a study plan for approval. The study plan and the validations should be performed according to NordVal Protocol (or ISO 16140)

- The laboratory carry out the comparison test – an extensive study; testing the selectivity and the reliability of the method.

- The laboratory report the results.

- The results of the comparison study are reviewed by an NordVal appointed Technical Committee (TC) (4 persons) and approved by the steering group of NordVal International. The people involved in NordVal are independent, i.e. they cannot have any economical gain in any alternative method development or sale.

- When/If the comparison study is approved, the interlaboratory validation can be carried out. This is organized by the expert laboratory. Only one matrix is required in the interlaboratory study.

- The report of the interlaboratory study is reviewed by the TC and approved by the steering group, i.e. if the results are satisfactory.

- When approved, a certificate is issued.

- The certificate is made available at NMKL’s homepage under NordVal and informed in the NMKL Newsletter. The NordVal approved methods can be used according to the microbiological criteria (EU 2073/2005).

The secretariat of NordVal can assist the laboratories in the elaboration of the validation plans, the statistical calculations and so on, if wished and required.




NordVal is an independent, 3rd party that evaluates the quality characteristics and applications of alternative microbiological methods in the analysis of food, water, feedd and environmental samples

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