Future challenges in food analysis

Presentations from the AOAC Europe – NMKL- NordVal International Symposium in Stockholm  21-22 May, 2015

Several lectures have forwarded their presentations in pfd-files.

In the program of the symposium, the links to the received presentations are given.

An article about the symposium is publised in Food Quality News 


Title of the presentation



The future of food - which way to go? 

Dr. Franz Ulberth, European Commission,  Joint Research Center, Belgium



Future Challenges in Food Analysis

Prof. Dr. Med. Jan Alexander, Norwegian Scientific Committee of Food
Safety, Norway



Lean Lab - Speed, Productivity and Quality?

Dr. Bernd Renger, Bernd Renger Consulting, Germany


Standard methods versus method criteria

Mrs. Hilde Skår Norli, NMKL,  Norwegian Veterinary Institute


Industry and an SDO’s perspective

Dr. Eric Konings, President of AOAC International, Nestle, Switzerland



EU policy on contaminants in food and feed: an indispensable need for reliable, quick and inexpensive testing for an effective enforcement approach.

Mr. Frans Verstraete, European Commission, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, Belgium



Food Control: authentication using contaminant profile,

Dr. Stig Valdersnes, National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research, Norway


Strategies for analysis of unknown samples. Non targeted screening with LC-TOF

Dr. Johan Rosén, National Food Agency, Sweden


An overview of new technologies in veterinary chemical residue control in food by rapid methods: immuno-microbio-receptor-biosensing

Dr. Valerie Gaudin, Anses - Laboratory of Fougeres, France


Preparedness: In situ trace element analysis of fish scales,

Dr. Belinda Flem Geological Survey of Norway



Microplastic in Food and Environment,

Dr. Ruud J B Peters, Wageningen University, the Netherlands


New methods for allergens, 

Dr. Bert Popping, Meriuex NutriScience Corporation



Plant toxin & Food Adulteration

Dr. Joerg Stroka, European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Belgium



Simple is to be great – SweEt

Swedish Ethyl Acetate multi residue method for analysis of pesticide residues


Dr. Tuija Pihlström, National Food Agency, Sweden


Contaminants/Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances

Dr Xenia Trier, Technical University of Denmark



Sampling and analytical methods at early process steps to ensure the food safety of final products,  

Dr. Taran Skjerdal, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway



Listeria-outbreak in Denmark, self-monitoring, food control, sampling,

Dr.  Jens Kirk Andersen, Technical University of Denmark


GMI: Global Microbial Identifier—The future of microbiology,

Prof. Jørgen Schlundt, DTU Management Engineering, Denmark



Microbiological examinations by using MALDI-TOF,

Dr. Annica Tevell Åberg, National Veterinary Institute, Sweden



Microbiota and the significance for human health

Prof. Tor Lea, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU,  Norway



Verification of microbiological methods,

Dr. Charlotta Engdahl Axelsson, Eurofins, Sweden



Validation of alternative methods

Hilde Skår Norli for

Dr. Gail Betts, Campden BRI, United Kingdom



Harmonization of the NordVal International validation protocol with the new ISO 16140:2015 protocol for the validation of alternative microbiological methods.

Dr. Sven Qvist, NordVal International, Denmark



Standardised molecular detection of waterborne pathogens,

Dr. Jakob Ottoson, National Food Agency, Sweden



SNIFFER: Sensory devices network for food supply chain security: New fluorescent probes for CBR agents


Prof. Tomas Torroba, University of Burgos, Spain



Foodomics: 21st Century Food Science Using Omics Tools

Prof. Dr. Alejandro Cifuentes, Laboratory of Foodomics, CIAL, National Research Council of Spain







NordVal International

NordVal International is an independent third party that evaluates the quality characteristics and applications of alternative chemical and microbiological methods in the analysis of food, water, feed and environmental samples.

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