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List of NordVal certificates

Aerobic microorganisms:

NordVal 033  HyServe Compact Dry TC, HyServe GmbH &Co KG,  expires: 01.12.18    

NordVal 018  Hygicult TPC, Orion Diagnostica,  expires: 01.02.19


Bacillus cereus

NordVal 045  HyServe Compact Dry X-BC, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 01.10.18



NordVal 017  Campylobacter Real-time PCR, Eurofins Steins,  expires: 01.04.19

NordVal 039  BAX ® System Real-Time PCR Assay, Thermo Fisher Scientific, expires: 01.12.19


Coliforms, E.coli & E.coli O157

NordVal 014  3M Petrifilm Coliforms/ E.coli, 3M Health Care, expires: 01.06.19

NordVal 020  RAPID' E.Coli2, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.12.19

NordVal 035  HyServe Compact Dry CF Total Coliforms, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 01.12.18

NordVal 036  HyServe Compact Dry EC Total Coliforms/E.coli, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 01.12.18



NordVal 034  HyServe compact Dry ETB, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 01.12.18



NordVal 047  HyServe compact Dry ETC, HyServe GmbH &Co KG, expires: 15.02.19



NordVal 022  RAPID' L.mono, Bio-Rad, expires: 01.05.20

NordVal 025  foodproof Listeria monocytogenes, Biotecon Diagnostics, expires: 10.06.19

NordVal 037  iQ-Check® Listeria monocytogenes II, Bio-Rad, expires: 12.06.20



NordVal 001 Transia Plate Salmonella Gold, BioControl Systems Inc, expires 05.10.19

NordVal 023  foodproof Salmonella detection kit...,Biotecon Diagnostics, expires 10.06.19

NordVal 030  Dupont Bax system PCR Assay, OXOID A/S Thermo Fisher, expires 01.05.20

NordVal 032  Rapid’Salmonella, Bio-Rad, expires:01.12.18

NordVal 038  iQ-Check TM Salmonella II kit, Bio-Rad, expires: 31.12.19

NordVal 041  Salmonella detection method by real-time PCR, Eurofins, expires: 08.03.20

NordVal 046 Salmonella Velox, DNA Diagnostic A/S, expires: 12.09.19



NordVal 042  HyServe Compact Dry X-SA, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires:01.06.2019

NordVal 049 RAPID’Staph, Bio-Rad, expires: 20.05.20


Yeast and mold

NordVal 043  HyServe Compact Dry YM, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 01.06.2019

NordVal 050 HyServe CompactDry YM RAPID, HyServe GmbH & Co. KG, expires: 15.06.2020


Chemical methods

NordVal 048  LactoSens® 0.01%, DirectSens GmbH, expires: 15.20.2020







NordVal is an independent, 3rd party that evaluates the quality characteristics and applications of alternative microbiological methods in the analysis of food, water, feedd and environmental samples

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