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Elaboration of NMKL methods

NMKL protocol No. 2: NMKL method template (English)


NMKL methods should be elaborated in accordance with specific guidelines:

For chemistry: 

NMKL Protocol No. 1: Referentvejledning for det kemiske område - Udarbejdelse af analysemetoder indenfor NMKL. (Danish only)
NMKL Protocol No. 6: Requirements for validation of chemical NMKL methods that are not to be validated collaboratively (English only)

For microbiology:
NMKL Protocol No. 3: Guide for referees within microbiology. Elaboration of analytical methods in NMKL. (English only)
NMKL Protocol No. 7: Requirement to internal (inhouse/single laboratory) validation of presumptive NMKL microbiological methods (English only)


AQL- Analytical Quality Control - Guidelines for publication

NMKL Protocol No. 5, Analytical Quality Control - Guidelines for the publication of analytical results of chemical analyses in foodstuffs.

This protocol gives a good guide in what to be included and reviewed when elaborating, review or issue articles where chemical results are included. The Protocol is free of charge, and is attached below. The check list given in the Protocol is very useful.

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NMKL has many ongoing projects within microbiology, chemistry and sensory analysis.

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NordVal International

NordVal International is an independent third party that evaluates the quality characteristics and applications of alternative chemical and microbiological methods in the analysis of food, water, feed and environmental samples.

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NMKL offers different subscriptions; procedures and methods can be downloaded from this website or, upon request, be forwarded as PDF-files by email. NMKL subscriptions are paid by bank transfer on the basis of an invoice.




The methods are in either Danish, Swedish or Norwegian combined with English. Most methods are also available in a Finnish/English version. All methods are in the PDF format and can be downloaded or forwarded by email. 

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