Arsenic. Determination in seafood by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (et aas) after microwave digestion. (NMKL 166, 2000)


1. FIELDS OF APPLICATION The method is applicable to quantitative determination of arsenic in various types of seafood products, except for marine fat and oils. The method has been tested primarily on dry products but may be used on fresh samples as well. Concentrated nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide are added to the sample, which is then digested in a microwave oven. The concentration of arsenic is determined by ET AAS using standard addition procedure or external standardization. Arseeni. Määrittäminen kala- ja äryiäisruoista atomiabsorptiospektrofotometrillä (aas) mikroaaltouunihajotuksen jälkeen. (NMKL 166, 2000)
  • Produkt ID: NMKL166
  • Copyright: NMKL
  • Edition: 2000

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