Biogenic amines. HPLC determination in foods. (NMKL 196, 2013)


This method is elaborated for quantitative determination of different biogenic amines: tryptamine (Tryp), phenylethylamine (Phe), putrescine (Put), cadaverine (Cad), histamine (His), serotonin (Ser), tyramine (Tyr), spermidine (Spd) and spermine (Spr). It is applicable for the analysis of fish and fish products, meat products, cheese and fermented vegetables. Biogenic amines are extracted from homogenised sample with diluted perchloric acid. An aliquot of the extract is derivatised with dansyl chloride reagent. Separation and quantification of dansylated amines are performed by reversed phase liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection at 254 nm. Biogeeniset amiinit. HPLC-määritys elintarvikkeista. (NMKL 196,2013)
  • Produkt ID: NMKL196
  • Copyright: NMKL
  • Edition: 2013

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