Quality control test for drinking water (NMKL 183, 2017) - Juomaveden aistinvarainen laadunarviointi (NMKL 183, 2017)


This NMKL method describes a sensory quality control test for drinking water. In a sensory quality control test, the samples are evaluated against odourless and taste free reference water, and the assessors give points for the properties odour and taste. When an assessor detects a deviation from the reference water in a sample, he shall indicate this. For drinking water, it is recommended to use a scale ranging from 0 – 4 points, where 0 points mean that the sample does not deviate from the reference water. A sample which is evaluated at 2 points or higher, must always be annotated. The assessors shall use terms from a nomenclature list which describes known deviations for odour and taste in drinking water.


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  • Produkt ID: NMKL183
  • Copyright: NMKL
  • Edition: 2005 sv/en and fi/en, 2007 corrections sv/en, 2013 appendix fi/en, 2017 fi/en 2nd ed.

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