Nitrate. Determination in milk and milk products by enzymatic reduction and spectrometry after Griess reaction. (NMKL 188, 2007)


IDF-NMKL Method. This method describes determination of the nitrate content of milk and milk products by spectrometry after enzymatic reduction and Griess reaction. The method is applicable to whole, partly skimmed, skimmed and dried milk, to hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses; processed cheese; whey cheese, caseins, caseinates, dried whey and milk protein concentrates. The method can be applied at contents corresponding to a measured concentration of the sample solution (with blank subtracted) of more than 0.2 mg/l. The lowest level with satisfactory HorRat value is 18.2 mg/kg. Nitraatti. Määrittäminen maidosta ja maitovalmisteista entsymaattisella pelkistyksellä ja spektrometrialla Griessin reaktion mukaan.(NMKL 188, 2007)
  • Produkt ID: NMKL188
  • Copyright: NMKL
  • Edition: 2007

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