Guideline for sensorial Analysis of Food containers/packages (NMKL Procedure No. 19, 2007)


The guidelines in this NMKL Procedure are based on national as well as international recommendations and standards, and also on experience gained over many years. The document provides a number of different pro cedures which may be a pplied in the sensory evaluation of food packaging, and po ints out critical asp ects and potential pitfalls of this work. It focuses mainly on the sensory aspects of packaged foods relating to odour and taste evaluation, and consequently does not deal with issues such as the design and practical usability of the packaging. The field of application is wide, and covers issues such as continuous production control of incoming materials, evaluation of st orage conditions for packaged goods, and controls to ensure compliance with appl icable rules and regulations.
  • Produkt ID: NMKL Pro No19
  • Copyright: NMKL
  • Edition: No 19 - 2007

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