Water acitvity. Instrumental Determination by Novasina Electronic Hygrometer and Aqua-Lab Dew Point Instrument. (NMKL168, 2001)


The method describes the determination of water activity using the Novasina electronic hygrometer and the Aqua-lab dew point instrument. The method is applicable to all kinds of foodstuffs; however, certain precautions should be made when analysing foodstuffs containing volatile organic compounds. These are described further in section 7.1. The water activity is measured at 25 ºC. The method is divided into two parts; Part A describing Novasina and Part B describing Aqua- lab. The water activity of 6 selected saturated salt solutions is given in the appendix enclosed. The lower deteermination limit of the method is aw= 0.35. Vesiaktiivisuus. Instrumenttimääritys Novasina´n elektronisella hygrometrillä ja Aqua-Lab´in kastepiste-instrumentilla. (NMKL 168, 2001))
  • Produkt ID: NMKL168
  • Copyright: NMKL
  • Edition: 2001

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