New Procedure is published

NMKL Procedure No. 31, 2015: Guidelines for Sensory Evaluation of Bread 

The procedure describes the main steps of the protocol to be applied in analytical sensory evaluation of bread. The procedure may serve as a guideline for everyone, but especially for bakeries and in the education of staff in bread making.



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New issue of NMKL Newsletter

See the NMKL Newsletter No. 91, November 2015 here

The Newsletter contains info about: 

New NMKL Method
 -  Histamine. HPLC determination with post-column derivatization and fluorescence detection in fish and fish products(NMKL 200, 2015)

New NMKL Procedures:
- Guidelines for Sensory Evaluation of Bread (NMKL Procedure No. 31, 2015)
- Control charts and control materials in internal quality control in food chemical laboratories (NMKL Procedure No. 3, 2015)

- Courses  in Sampling
- 69th NMKL Annual Meeting

Renewed NordVal International Certificates:
- NordVal 001 TransiaTM Plate Salmonella Gold
- NordVal 039 BAX ® System Real-Time PCR Assay
- NordVal 041 Salmonella Detection Method by Real-time PCR
- NordVal 045  HyServe Compact Dry X-BC Method

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